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Nancy Pope

Healing is an exploration that leads to the discovery of your own essential goodness and inherent value. Through this exploration you discover the ideas and beliefs that drive your experience, which is 

your life. As these beliefs are seen for what they are, lived through and let go of, your life takes on a new shape. You begin to feel a deep sense of well being and a new vitality that permeates everything you do.

I offer Barbara Brennan Healing, Core Energetics, Yoga Therapy, Wedding Officiating and now Plant Centered Nutritional Coaching through Plant Fit.

Graduate of The Institute of Core Energetics, The Barbara Brennan School of Healing; The Polarity Realization Center; The Black Mountain Yoga Therapy & Teacher Training and The Minneapolis School of Massage. Certified in Trauma-sensitive Yoga and 2nd degree Reiki. Founder of Massage Only, Newburyport, MA. Ordained Minister, Wedding Officiant. Teacher of Meditation, Energy Healing and Massage. Three weeks at True North Health Center, a Whole Food Plant Based Education Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Certified in Plant-Based Nutrition from Cornell's T. Colin Campbell Center for Nutrition Studies.

Jackie Tatelman

I welcome the chance to be a participant in your journey of self discovery and wholeness. In the healing process, all parts of ourselves are encouraged to become visible.

In our sessions I listen deeply to your life experience, asking open questions: How does this serve and what are the themes that you are open or closed to? What doors do you see and need support to walk through? How can I help support ease, courage and trust so that you can become more of who you are and want to be?

I offer Nondual Kabbalistic Healing, Authentic Voice, Supervision and I am The Plant Fit Chef. I work individually and in groups, in person and long distance.

Graduate of Nondual Healing at A Society of Souls, formerly known as Integrated Kabbalistic Healing; Graduate of SpiritSong, Authentic Voice; Gestalt Therapy Center; Minneapolis School of Massage and The Cambridge School of Culinary Arts. Previous owner of On Occasion, a catering business in MA. Founder of Massage Only, Newburyport, MA. Former Senior Teacher at A Society of Souls, Current Supervisor. Three weeks at True North Health Center, a Whole Food Plant Based Education Center in Santa Rosa, CA. Whole Food Plant Based Chef.