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Core Energetics with Nancy Pope

We all experience trauma in our lives, emotional wounding that is a shock to our system. This happens in the process of growing up and it can define our lives and the choices we make. This emotional wounding can result from a distracted caregiver early in our life, a parent that dies, a humiliating experience at school. It may also be the result of verbal, physical, sexual abuse or violence. Whatever the trauma, the healing needs to address the patterns that are held deeply in the body. Trauma does not need to define you. You can free yourself of your past by releasing the trauma from your body and your mind. It does not have to determine your present. It does not have to limit you.

Core Energetics was created by John Pierrakos, a founder of Bioenergetics with Alexander Lowen and a student of Wilheim Reich. It was the first western approach that blended the physical, psychological and spiritual aspects of being into a truly holistic and intgrated therapy.  

Core Energetics uses breath, sound and movement to release old feelings that contribute to patterns of unhappiness. As energetic/emotional blocks are released we experience more peace and joy in our lives. We can transform feelings of being stuck, depressed, numb, anxious, angry and isolated. Every physical, emotional and energetic holding is a refusal of life. Growing up we controlled our pain by not breathing fully, by tightening muscles and by masking our true feelings. These defensive patterns get held in the energetic field and locked in the body, where they disappear from our awareness. Although these patterns began as creative solutions to provide a sense of safety, as adults they keep us from living a spontaneous and open-hearted life. Through Core Energetics you can re-discover your vitality and joy for life.

1996 Graduate of the Institute of Core Energetics, a 4 year program in Core Energetic Evolutionary Therapy.