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Jackie's Client Stories

Thank you for our enriching time together in supervision. You emanate wisdom and only share it at just the right moment. It is a privilege to be part of this group.

-Bambi, NJ

Thank you so much for your love and support. You truly are a lifeline when things are looking pretty bleak. I know as I change my negative thoughts/past conditioning, my life will change for the better. Thank you for holding the light to guide my way forward, like a lantern in the dark.

-Kathleen O., NY

I am blessed to have Jackie as my supervisor and my healer. As a supervisor she has been a masterful guide – tender and to the point, playful and deeply present, a wise and inspiring teacher. As a healer, she has held me lovingly throughout the ups and downs of my journey, listened attentively to my soul’s longings and reflected my process back to me with great clarity. When I descended into the depths, groping around in the dark, she held my hand with the calm solidity that comes from a deep faith and trust in life.

 -Wanda T. Quebec, Canada

I came to see Jackie at a time when I could no longer deny the pain of the abuse and abandonment I had suffered as a child. It was wreaking havoc in my life. I wasn't even sure how she might help me, but as the sessions progressed, I experienced in her presence what I can only describe as unconditional love. She held this loving space for me as I went deep into the pain and began the process of integration that continues to this day. I am so grateful for her caring and intuitive sense of what I needed to be able to do this.

-Carlene B. Maine

Jackie, at Plant Fit, met me right where I was, without judgment. I am slowly beginning a Plant Centered Lifestyle that fits me & has given me hope for my own return to health.

-Vicki K., ME

Jackie is an extraordinarily gifted healer and master teacher. She creates a deeply relational space where transformational healing on all levels can occur. I have been having sessions with Jackie for many years both in person and long distance. She listens to my journey with great wisdom, understanding and compassion and is able to be present in a way where one feels received and heard. Her questions and insights lead to great clarity about the patterns in life that are no longer useful and transforms them so there is more ease, acceptance and inner contentment. The authentic me is more able to be in the world and life is very different from when I first began this journey with her. Jackie has been a continuous source of support and inspiration for these many years and I deeply treasure having her in my life.

-Kristin H. Massachusetts

Jackie models the loveliest form of skillful listening I could ever want in a spiritual guide or a healer. She offers crystalline insights and stunningly caring questions when I am most ready to breathe them in. Our long distance conversations consist of the warm timbre of her clear and strong voice and me hearing myself often more clearly than ever. Today, as I work with others and support their capacity to allow the blessings of life to flower within them, it is Jackie Tatelman’s blessed blend of ease and wisdom that so often inspires me.

-Robert C. New Jersey

My work with Jackie over the last 4 years has been life changing. She is skilled at knowing what to work on, pick up and hold gently in her minds eye. She has guided me to learn to see where I fall and how to recover. To notice how I fall, let my energy slip, and to gently help me back on course. I feel more seated in myself, I still slip, but I am learning the tools to not fall as hard and not to let it shake me to my roots. My work with Jackie has been and continues to be an important key in learning the depths and facets of my being. It is one of the best things I have done for myself.

-Sylvie R. California

Jackie's level of presence, authenticity, wisdom, compassion and generosity enable her to be a consummate teacher and healer. Her ability to deeply embody these qualities are a testament to her commitment to her own continual self-work and inner growth. Such a commitment to one's own development is precisely what makes for a profound teacher and a healer. As A.H. Almaas writes in Diamond Heart Book Two, "A real teacher is a true friend.... A friend guides you so that you yourself can see how things are. That is a real teacher" (Almaas, 2000, p. 184 ). He could have been describing Jackie then and later in that same book, when he elaborated, "When you are yourself, your personal beingness, then and only then is it possible to treat other people as people, as humans in a personal way. Then they are no longer objects to you" (Almaas, 200, p. 205). My experience with Jackie has shown me that she is exactly that: herself--her own personal version of beingness. I'm immensely grateful for the growth, wisdom and healing she has inspired in my life.

- Jude R. Rhode Island

I am deeply grateful for the work Jackie and I have done together. Not only do I feel deeply understood but primary patterns and belief systems have changed. Jackie embodies a powerful combination of focus, open-heartedness and deep vision. Her deep trust in the unfolding of life is beyond inspiring, it forms real ground for movement and change.

- L. Bailey Colorado

Jackie doesn't just walk her practice---she is her practice, through and through. She brings wisdom, compassion and integrity. I am ever grateful for her healing---it is a balm.

-Ann M. New Mexico