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Nondual Kabbalisti Healing with Jackie Tatelman

The heart of this work is: deep listening

Allowing all parts of ourselves to have a place

To feel our wholeness and our brokenness

To become aware of beliefs that are limiting

To drop deeply into the center of our being

Many of my clients have done a lot of work on themselves but still find themselves stuck in patterns and ideas that keep them unhappy. Nondual Kabbalistic Healing makes it possible to break through those constrictions and false ideas. There is the deep healing of relationship to ourselves, to others, to god and to the world that occurs. The echo of our true selves shines through the fracture and we can find peace, freedom, joy and vitality.

This healing modality is deeply relational and has a natural rhythm and unfolding. A session begins with a conversation, asking the questions that allow us to sink deeper into the essential issues. It ends with a hands-on-healing. This work is equally effective whether in person or long distance.

For ASOS graduates I offer individual and group supervision as well as an ongoing healing review by teleclass that you can download. I also supervise Healers who use other modalities. Through supervision we become more trustworthy, making visible our own transference and finding solutions that are in truer connection to our clients. We gain confidence in ourselves as Healers.

I work in person, by phone and via Skype in the US and internationally. I look forward to talking with you.

1997 Graduate of A Society of Souls, a three year program in Integrated Kabbalistic Healing; Previous Teacher at SOS; Current Supervisor.