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Nancy's Client Stories

I was under the tender care of Nancy during my time with breast cancer. I chose not do any of the traditional treatments offered by hospitals for cancer care. I was very specific about the alternative care I received and found Nancy to be both knowledgeable and compassionate. She guided me through this incredible time in my life, once a week, for many years. I am now cancer free over 10 years.

-Rose R. Massachusetts

Working with Nancy has been immensely rewarding. She listens, advises, teaches, and occasionally even cajoles, out of a foundation that is both 

grounded and deep. I am especially grateful to Nancy for her skills with respect to my physical disabilities, and how they have impacted my emotions and personality. My body, mind and spirit have all benefited wonderfully from Nancy's expertise, wisdom and love.

-Fred M. North Carolina

I hit 50 & my doctor was becoming my best friend. Then I found Nancy at Plant Fit & got the support I needed. I now feel great, am eating better & seeing my doctor less.

-Holly H.

Nancy, I really enjoyed your class on 'The Energetics of Yoga' and came home with an energy field bigger than this house. Even my husband commented on it. The scenarios you led us through were also helpful and some of them, as we tightened certain muscles, seemed quite familiar, so I'll remember to notice when it comes up again and I'll know what to do to relax them.

Margo M. Asheville, NC

Deciding to work with Nancy Pope was a pivotal time in my life. She helped me to move beyond the past and uncover my true potential in ways that I would not have imagined. Nancy gave me methods of releasing and centering that are still applicable many years later.

-Julie T. New Hampshire

A short while after participating in Nancy's workshop, I experienced a period of heightened anxiety - worrying, sleeplessness and feeling vulnerable and unsafe. Nancy's descriptions of how we block the free flow of energy in our bodies helped me identify how I was doing this in my situation. It was so beneficial to be able to do the practices we learned to work toward feeling the anxiety and letting it flow through my system and then out. Than you Nancy for giving me such valuable tools.

-Mary S. Asheville, NC