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Yoga Therapy With Nancy Pope

Yoga is helpful for people that want to open their bodies and free themselves from chronic holding that may be contributing to their physical or emotional pain. I'll help you find how a particular posture fits you rather than trying to fit your body into the posture. You are in charge of when to come out of a posture. From this type of attentive work you get to know your body, your limits and work at the edge of your own comfort, allowing for a natural opening.

You may come for Yoga Therapy because of a physical injury or illness or because of trauma. Yoga can help you learn to breathe, to be with your

body and to meet yourself right where you are. You will learn to trust your body, to breathe through the difficult moments as they arise and to allow the natural opening that wants to occur. This movement will bring you greater ease and comfort in your life. You will leave the session with a Yoga Program that is designed specifically for you so you can do it at home.

2011 Graduate of The Black Mountain Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Therapy Training; 2011 Certification in Trauma Sensitive Yoga with David Emerson of the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Center, MA.